The Face Mask Subscription Service Serves Real-Life Superheroes Impacting Businesses and Design

If you've doubted whether face masks would indeed become the new normal it's time to believe, Europe is getting its very own face mask subscription service which became the real-life superheroes. 


The service, Maskclub, has been donating one mask to healthcare workers for every mask sold over one month in the US. The company has donated over 100,000 masks to first responders, and it doesn't want to stop there. 


CEO Trevor Goerge, His company Trevco, is known as one of the world's largest soft line manufacturers of licensed merchandise. Desperate but conscious of the pandemic's greater impact, George and his wife helped their local hospital healthcare workers with 250,000 face masks.


He said, "One day, sitting at home in quarantine, my wife yelled 'I know you can do something and I got up and said 'okay'."


Within four days they launched Maskclub in the US, subscription e-commerce website. With thousands of officially licensed mask designs available from the first day of launch, the company went viral. 


Ketchup Vintage Mask (MaskClub)

Ketchup Vintage Face Mask (Maskclub)


Many businesses are trying to figure out how to help and do good while providing a product or service amid pandemic. With the high demands of necessary items such as masks and hand-sanitizers, various and creative designs are coming out on the market that supplies essential and diverse needs and for all ages. 



Cotton Face Mask






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