Bad Habits: Doing These Things Before And After Shower Causes Hair Loss

These days, as the weather gets warmer, you might take a shower more often than usual. At this time, there are many people who spend time with a towel on their heads after taking a shower or go to bed without drying their hair completely because it is annoying. 


However, it can adversely affect hair health. 


Bad shower habits, what are they?



#1 Showering with hot water

Although it is very relaxing, taking a hot shower can irritate the scalp and cause hair loss. This is because hot water damages the scalp and breaks the oil-moisture balance.


The hair roots and hair follicles become weaker than usual when wet, and the hotter the water, the more sensitive the scalp, which can cause hair loss.


A study from the University of Miami in the US also found that taking a hot shower can weaken the hair follicles due to the heat and increase the risk of hair loss. 


Hair and scalp are made up of natural oils, as hot water removes these oils and damages the keratin, the protein that forms the epithelial tissue). A shower should be finished within 10-20 minutes with water below 42 degrees Celsius so that it does not burden the hair.




#2 Putting a towel on your head and pass the time

People with long hair sometimes spend time with a towel wrapped around their heads after showering. Drying damp hair with a towel can damage the scalp by leaving it in a humid and warm environment. 


The longer the towel is placed on wet hair, the more the bacteria multiply and the higher the risk of dermatitis.


After washing your hair, it is recommended to first press it with a towel to remove the remaining moisture, and then dry it with the cool air of a hairdryer. 


The hot wind can damage the hair and hair follicles, so leave a 30 cm gap between the hair and the hairdryer and use cool air.




#3 Combing your hair wet

Wet hair stretches and breaks more easily than dry hair.


When combing, it is best to always dry your hair first. If you comb your hair while wet, your hair will break easily. Also, vigorously shaking wet hair with a towel can cause hair loss. Instead, wrap your wet hair in a towel and press it firmly to remove the moisture.



So how can you prevent hair loss?

With so many dos and don'ts when it comes to taking care of your hair it's kinda annoying to remember all of them. Sometimes all you want to do is relax in your bathrobe after taking a shower.


The good news, however, effective hair care products are already available to maintain your lovely, healthy locks. In fact, Botalab's Deserticola Hair Care Set is best for those suffering from hair loss.


Its anti-hair loss shampoo and hair loss treatment contains "Deserticola" which helps in damage care, nourishing, and hydration keeping your hair soft and volumized.

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