3 Reliable Ways To Increase Your Stamina

Walking to a bus stop, surveying grocery aisles, and climbing the stairs-all these activities take up your stamina. Stamina is the strength and energy that enables you to sustain any type of physical or mental effort for extended periods of time.

If your stamina is low, you'll start to feel tired sooner than you'd expect to, have difficulty concentrating, and might even feel irritated. With higher stamina, you can actively do your tasks and still look forward to what comes after.

There are several ways to improve your average energy levels. Here are some trusted methods with research to back them up:


Brief Exercise

More movement might be the last thing you want when your internal battery is flashing, but even consistent sessions of brief exercise can add bars to your endurance. A 2017 study revealed that fatigued participants gained improved energy levels after 6 weeks of exercise intervention. 

Exercise is also known to release endorphins, the chemical your body releases that can decrease physical discomfort, reduce stress and trigger a sense of well-being.


Matching Music

Can you recall the last time you drowned out your thoughts and just blended with a musical masterpiece? Alongside its calming potential, music can increase a person's cardiac efficiency. To illustrate, a study of 30 participants noted that they had lowered their heart rate during exercise when it was complemented with a music of their choice.

The participants also took less effort to perform their exercise as they listened to music compared to when they did the activity without the accompaniment. If you've been thinking of creating a new playlist, this might be your green light.


Salutations and Zen

Just as it is music's allure, relaxation is essential for stamina-building; it can be difficult to work towards something when you can't even focus. Yoga and meditation are steady methods for managing stress and improving mental stamina. 

During a 2016 study, 27 medical students participated in yoga and meditation classes for six weeks. As a result, they noticed significant improvements in their personal stress levels and well-being, as well as increased endurance and lesser fatigue.

As you develop your stamina, you'll notice that it still fluctuates from time to time. That's normal as there'll just be some days where you'll need more time to adjust and rest over others. For herbal aid, check out KPTown's Sanjin Rokujou. The supplement is 20% off and infused with wild ginseng, deer antler, and 45 natural herbal medicines.

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