The Astonishing Benefits Of Evening Primrose Oil During Menopause

Named after a yellow flower that blooms at night, the evening primrose oil offers astonishing benefits for women in their menopausal stage.


But first, what is evening primrose oil?

Evening primrose oil, also known as EPO, is extracted from the seeds of the evening primrose (Oenothera biennis) plant which is found in eastern and central America. 

It is rich in gamma-linolenic acid which is an omega-6 essential fatty acid involved in the production of prostaglandins, hormone-like substances, thus helping counter hormonal-changer brought upon by menopause. Gamma-linolenic acid, as well as linolenic acid, can also reduce inflammation.


Evening primrose oil and Menopause

Evening primrose oil is one of the most natural remedies for menopausal-related symptoms among women. The wonder oil is said to help in menopausal-related symptoms such as anxiety, hair loss, hot flashes, insomnia, joint pain, mood swings, night sweats, and weight gain.

Usually, evening primrose is taken orally as a supplement in capsule form. Readily available EPO capsules such as the Evergreen Evening Primrose Oil contains 100 mg of gamma-linolenic acid that can help in your menopause symptoms.



Things you should consider before taking evening primrose oil

Before taking supplements such as the Evergreen Evening Primrose Oil, it is important to discuss your dosage with your health care provider. It is also best to consult your healthcare professional if you are in medication as EPO can interact with other drugs.

Aside from taking evening primrose oil during menopause, it is also best to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a diet rich in calcium. Exercising regularly can also make wonders in alleviating your symptoms.

You may also check out other supplements like Schweitzz Venus or Estroven for effective menopause relief.

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