4 Effective Ways To Eliminate Eye Fatigue From Staring At Your Computer All Day

Yes, staring at a computer all day has some very damaging impact on your eyes. However, we understand the fact that it is impossible for you to avoid being in front of your desktop or gadgets, after all, in-office and remote desk jobs have been the norm, especially in these trying times.

After hours of spending your time in front of your computer, phone, or tablet, you may have experienced your eyes hurting. Sometimes it can be sore or irritating, and you may even experience blurred visions and light sensitivity. More often than not, you will also find yourself suffering from headaches. All of these can be caused by your screen time.

And although you don't have the luxury to reduce work-related screen-time, there are ways for you to reduce the nasty effects of being in front of your computer all day.


Here are four effective ways that you can do now to protect minimize eye fatigue.


Try the 20-20-20 Break and Blink Rule.

If you are concentrating on your computer screen for long periods of time, it decreases the number of blinks you do which can lead to dry eyes.

The "20-20-20 Break and Blink Rule" suggests that after spending 20 minutes in front of your computer, you should look at an object 20 ft away from you for 20 seconds and blink.


Wear lenses with a blue light filter.

You may not see it, but your computer emits blue light which can strain your retina. Exposure to blue light can strain your retina thus causing eye problems and can even increase the likelihood of you experiencing long-term retina damage.

One inexpensive way to reduce the effects of blue light on your retina is by wearing lenses with a blue light filter. You can also consider upgrading your prescription glasses to have anti-glare and photochromic lenses.


Lubricate your eyes.

Naturally, our eyes lubricate themselves by blinking. However, when you are too focused on what you're doing in front of your computer or gadget, your blinking is decreased. This in turn results to dry eyes and eye strain.

Therefore, one way to combat dry eyes is by the use of lubricating drops. Over-the-counter eye drops are available but it is best to consult your doctor for serious eye problems.


Take Eye Supplements.

Eye-nutrition supplements contain healthy and essential nutrients from natural ingredients like blueberry and gingko leaf which are two amazing sources of anthocyanin that help improve eyesight. Meanwhile, eye supplements with grape seeds are proven to delay eye fatigue.

Choose eye-nutrition supplements that have the ingredients necessary to prevent eye aging, as well as glaucoma and cataracts for overall healthy eyes. 

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