Reduce The Severity Of COVID-19 Symptoms By Boosting Your Immune System

No thanks to the Omicron variant, the world, especially the United States, is experiencing another surge of COVID-19 cases. 

Aside from getting vaccinated, boosting our body's immune system can add to our defence against the coronavirus. Even when our body gets infected, an immune system that is at its best can shorten the time we are sick and even reduce the severity of the symptoms of COVID-19.


There are a few ways that you can do now to boost your immune system.


First, sleep.

Yes, getting adequate sleep can do wonders when it comes to boosting our immune system. Sleeping more when sick could allow the immune system to better fight the illness.


Stay hydrated.

Drinking water and staying hydrated naturally remove waste from the body. Water helps carry oxygen to your body cells resulting in properly functioning systems.



Stay active and productive. You can clean your house and do home-workouts. Exercising improves our cardiovascular system, lowers blood pressure, and controls body weight.


Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Consuming food that is rich in vitamins, fibre, minerals, and antioxidants can help decrease inflammation, improve the digestive system, and reduce the duration of the common cold.


Take supplements.

Not all vitamin-rich foods are available at hand so it is best to get your recommended share from supplements. Supplements like the Nutridom Multi Vitamin include 37 multi-vitamin, mineral and natural herb formulas that can help maintain eyesight, skin, membranes and immune function.


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