Should You Add Collagen To Your Coffee?

Collagen is associated with various health benefits. Taking collagen supplements can reduce signs of aging, relieve joint pain and even prevent bone loss with aging.

Due to its amazing benefits, collagen has become a popular supplement and many ha tried incorporating it into their diets.

If you have been keeping tabs with the current trends, many have tried adding collagen to hot or cold beverages including smoothies, teas, juices, and even coffee. Usually, collagen does not affect the taste of the beverage but especially for cold drinks, additional mixing to ensure the powder dissolves properly.



For coffee lovers out there, adding collagen into your daily dose of caffeine might be a good way to reap the anti-aging benefits of the latter while getting the kick of energy for the day.

Meanwhile, you don't have to worry about adding your collagen to a hot beverage. Studies have shown that as long as your hot coffee or beverage is below 302ºF (150ºC), the quality of your collagen powder will not be affected


But, how should you add collagen to your coffee?

First, just brew your coffee in the usual fashion. Next, measure about 20 grams of quality collagen powder like the Nutridom Marine Collagen Powder and add it to your coffee. Lastly, gently stir the collagen powder into your coffee until it dissolves completely.

Adding your collagen powder to beverages like fruit smoothies for a healthier diet is a good

investment towards a healthier you, reaping the benefits of collagen. 



Aside from its powder form, collagen supplements are also available in capsule form just like the Nutridom Marine Collagen Capsule as well as in caplets for like the Nature's Truth Hydrolized Ultra-Collagen + C.

Before taking collagen as supplements, however, it is best to consult your health care provider especially if you're under medication.

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