Always Tired? Check Out The Power Of Korean Red Ginseng: 3 Proven Health Benefits Of The Wonder Root

Traditionally, ginseng has been used to help with a number of medical conditions.

The wonder root contains ginsenosides and gintonin, two significant compounds with astonishing health benefits.

These days, the two most popular variety of ginseng are the American and the Asian ginseng.

One variety of Asian ginseng has a rising demand. While American ginseng contains only 14 ginsenosides, and Chinese ginseng has 15, Korean ginseng is said to contain over 24 ginsenosides. 

Meanwhile, ginseng is a rhizome which is classified depending on how long it is grown. The ever famous red ginseng root is harvested after 6 or more years.


Here are the three major health benefits of Korean red ginseng.


Fight Chronic Fatigue

Various studies have associated ginseng with higher energy production in cells thanks to its components like oligopeptides and polysaccharides. There are also studies which point out that respondents experienced less physical and mental fatigue when given Asian ginseng.

This means, that consuming quality red ginseng tea or supplements regularly can help in fighting tiredness and boost energy level.


Boost Immune System

According to studies, ginseng can help in strengthening the immune system. It has been found out that a significant number of stomach cancer patients recovering from surgery has seen improvements in immune functions after regular consumption of ginseng extract.

Additionally, various studies also suggests that ginseng can even enhance the effects of certain vaccinations.


Enhance Memory and Other Brain Function

Ginseng consumption has been shown to have positive effects on brain function. A study have associated regular consumption of ginseng to improved math skills and even better mood. It has also been published taht ginseng can help people with Alzheimer's disease.



Aside from the three mentioned benefits, Korean red ginseng is believed by most medical researchers to have properties that can combat cholesterol, HIV viruses, diabetes as well as cancer. 

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