The 5 Must-Have Vitamins In Your Multivitamin Supplements

It's natural to want to have a balanced assortment of things. School supplies, skin-care products, garage tools, and skills. These collections of necessities often come separately however and are compiled and restocked over time (or relearned). 


In the case of multivitamins, or multi-minerals, their nutritional arsenal can be loaded in a single tablet, capsule, or syrup. Hence, their popularity boom in recent decades.


There are so many vitamins and mineral combinations out there, making comparison and selection occasionally tough. Fortunately, experts have weighed in and can advise the vital ingredients every multivitamin should have.


Here are 5 vitamins to look out for in the multivitamin labels next time you visit the pharmacy:




Folate (folic acid), is recognized best for aiding in fetus development and preventing birth defects. Individuals with folate-deficiency anemia take them regularly too. The ingredient is an ally when you want to grow out your nails, fight depression, or are looking to combat inflammation.




"Iron should be in your multivitamin, but not everyone needs the same amount of iron," Lerman counsels. Iron increases energy, brain function, and the production of healthy red blood cells.


Individuals who eat red meats typically get enough iron. Natural processes such as having your menstrual cycle, going through puberty, and being pregnant may increase the amount of iron you need. This is due to iron being essential during times of rapid development. Vegetarians and vegans may also want to include iron in their multivitamins, especially if they're not consuming other iron-rich foods.




Magnesium is a major nutrient. Higher amounts of it are needed compared to trace minerals. Nutritionist Dawn Lerman, MA, CHHC, LCAT, AADP said that magnesium is best known for being important to bone health and energy production. 


The mineral can also calm the nervous system and reduce stress after 90 days. It can ease sleep problems, regulate muscle and nerve function, balance blood sugar levels, make protein, bone, and even DNA.


Lerman suggests looking for a supplement with 300-320 mg of magnesium. The NIH recommends no more than a 350-mg supplement for adults. The best forms are aspartate, citrate, lactate, and chloride which the body can absorb more completely.


Vitamin D


Vitamin D helps bodies to absorb calcium, an essential mineral for bone health. A deficiency can increase a person's likelihood of getting sick, chances of bone and back pain, as well as bone and hair loss.


Naturally, vitamin D can be absorbed by simply basking in the sunlight for 15 minutes. However, with obligations at school, at work, and at home, as well as regional climate, not everyone gets the opportunity to take advantage of the healthy warmth, let alone appreciate it. 


This vitamin isn't as accessible in food compared to other vitamins, either. Bonnie Taub-Dix, RDN, recommends looking for the ingredient in multivitamins.




According to Lerman, "Zinc tends to be low in older people and anyone under a lot of stress." Zinc supports the immune system and helps the body use carbohydrates, protein, and fat for energy, as well as aid in wound healing. Lerman recommends picking daily supplements that highlight this ingredient.


"This may be obvious, but it's worth repeating: When it comes to vitamins and minerals, get it from food first," Taub-Dix, also the creator of Better Than Dieting, reminds. Our bodies are naturally designed to absorb nutrients from food and will get all the nutrients needed as long as a varied and balanced diet is practiced.


Instead, supplements are considered bonus boosters, not food replacements. They can help protect individual when one is experiencing stress, sleeping poorly, or not getting regular exercise. IKPTown offer two multivitamin options with Umeken Multi-Vitamin and Nutridom Multi-Vitamin, both at 30% off and with evenly blended nutrients. Aronamin Gold Tab is also available at 26% off.

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