5 'Brain Foods' To Increase Concentration

As we age, not only the body but also the brain ages. For brain health, it is recommended to practice good lifestyle habits such as good quality sleep, sufficient water intake, regular exercise, and relaxation through meditation.

In particular, it is necessary to consume enough essential nutrients and supply raw materials that are good for brain health. That way, you can keep your mind clear and focused throughout the day. Here are 5 foods that help increase concentration:


#1 Coffee and Tea

Caffeine, found in coffee, chocolate, energy drinks, and some medications can help boost energy and focus. However, if consumed in excess, side effects such as irritation or heartburn may occur. Check out the amazing benefits of Red Ginseng Tea.


#2 Fruit Juice

Sugar is the brain's preferred energy source. We're talking about glucose, not plain white sugar. That's why drinking a glass of fruit juice can provide short-term benefits to your memory, thinking, and mental abilities. However, eating too much can actually impair your memory. Also, reduce your intake of added sugars, which increases your risk of heart disease and other diseases.


#3 Whole grains and Dairy products

Several studies have shown that eating breakfast can improve short-term memory and attention. Foods recommended by the researchers include whole grains, dairy products, and fruits, which are high in fiber. However, you should not overeat. And a high-calorie breakfast was found to impair concentration.


#4 Fish

A good source of protein for the brain is fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids. A diet rich in healthy fats can help lower the risk of dementia and stroke and slow cognitive decline. It may also play an important role in improving memory, especially as you age. Aside from consuming fish, you may also get your omega-3 from supplements like the Omagen Schweitzz Omega-3.


#5 Nuts and Chocolate 

Nuts and seeds contain vitamin E, an antioxidant. Studies have shown that vitamin E can help slow the cognitive decline that comes with aging. Dark chocolate also has powerful antioxidant properties and contains natural stimulants like caffeine, which can boost concentration.

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