Bad Effect Of Consuming Coffee On The Baby's Health During Pregnancy

One of the most challenging adjustments pregnant women encounter is their dietary change. 


If you are pregnant, among the food and beverages you should avoid include caffeine, alcohol, sushi, soft cheese, and the like. 


According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, moderate caffeine consumption may not cause problems during pregnancy. 


Yet, a new study found out that pregnant women who consume even the smallest amounts of coffee per day will have slightly smaller babies compared to those who did not consume or drink caffeinated beverages. 


The research was conducted at the National Institutes of Health, looking at data from over 2,000 racially and ethnically diverse respondents. They are non-smokers, and they did not possess health problems prior to pregnancy. 


The respondents consumed caffeine in moderate amounts, and the study concluded that those women who consumed caffeine were more likely to bear children that weigh less than those women who consumed no coffee. 


Babies born to mothers with the highest blood levels of coffee may weigh three ounces lighter, or even 0.17 inches shorter, compared to infants born to mothers who do not consume caffeine during pregnancy. 


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