Organic Tooth Powder Treatment, Keeps You Fresh All Day

Tooth powder is all the rage as a alternative to harsh tooth brushing and ineffective white stripes.


Inflammation, tooth decay, and bad breath naturally occur without proper oral hygiene. Dental care can be hard to maintain due to high medical costs and just plain busyness.


Thankfully, there are simple cosmetic products that can help make your regular brushing more effective. Tooth powders, in particular, have been known for thousands of years to polish and clean teeth as well as remove odors. Many experts consider tooth powders more effective in removing stains compared to tooth paste.



Herbal Bright Organic Tooth Powder Treatment is an effective tooth powder to support optimal dental hygiene. It not only helps to whiten tooth stains, but also relieves gum inflammation and tooth aches, removes plaque and tartar and bad breath.

Every mouth has a lot going on inside. With 200-300 million bacteria living in our mouths, we really need a way to kill toxic substances and inflammation that develop in gaps around our teeth and gums.


Completely organic



Herbal Bright uses 100% natural medicine. It is completely organic and safe for anyone to use. Its great for smokers, coffee drinkers, and anyone trying to brighten their smile or freshen their breath.


Herbal Bright comes in powder form that can be applied to your usual tooth paste. All it takes it a little brushing three times a day and you will surely see a different in your oral health.

Check out Herbal Bright Organic here.

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