Must-Try Herbs For Better Sleep

Seven to nine hours-these are the recommended hours a person needs when it comes to their sleep. Any less than this number of hours is considered sleep deprivation. 


Sleep is very helpful in promoting optimum health and wellness. What happens when you lose sleep? First, you get easily infected with viruses and diseases-your immunity changes. Your heart health may also suffer when you do not get sufficient sleep. The person gets the risk of cancer, tends to be forgetful, their libido diminishes, gains weight, and they become more prone to accidents, among others. 


A great practice to have is to utilize the best pillows for sleep. One of the recommended products in the market today is the Royal Therapy Queen Memory Foam Pillow, an orthopedic pillow that relaxes the body and supports your head and neck while you sleep. 


Moreover, many have turned to herbs in order to help them sleep better. Herbs have the capability to beat sleep problems like insomnia and deprivation. Without further ado, here are the top herbs that can aid in giving you better sleep.


KP Town Easy Sleep

This herbal medicine takes you away from sleep disorders, and it is also your ideal healthy food to give a refreshing sleep through medical herbs. Take once per day for one month, and see the changes in your well-being. 


Valerian root

Did you know that this herb can also aid in giving you the best sleep? Present in tea or a capsule, the root has the potential to treat insomnia and improve the quality of sleep. Take before bedtime to see the health benefits. 



This old herb is a beloved tea for bedtime. Many also inhale as an essential oil or taken in capsule form. Chamomile has calming effects coming from an antioxidant known to be apigenin that combines with the brain's GABA receptors to ease you into relaxation. Chamomile can also enhance the quality of your sleep and reduce anxiety. You can take chamomile extract drops twice a day for better sleep. 



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