Find Out The Most Common Diseases During The Winter Season

Skiing, vacations, children playing on ice, and so much more -- the winter can offer several good things, but it may also miss out on providing the best of health. The COVID-19 pandemic, like what you would recall, began New Year's Eve in 2019, during wintertime. 


This is not the only illness that you should stay vigilant from. In this edition of Korea Portal's feature story, we take a glimpse at the most common diseases in this winter season and how you can strengthen your immunity.


1. Common cold

The common cold you acquired last year is different from the common cold you can obtain this year, as such illnesses mutate. Plus, wintertime has likewise been synonymous with the rhinovirus or the common cold. 


2. Achy joints

If you suddenly feel pain in the area of your joints now, it might be correlated with the cold weather. More so, if you are suffering from arthritis, painful joints happen during the season. 


3. Flu

The common cold may turn into flu, and this is a respiratory illness that has symptoms including stuffy or runny nose, sinus pressure, and sore throat, among many others. It has been said that COVID-19 is correlated with the flu. 


4. Migraines

These migraines can happen more frequently during the winter season because of changes in temperature and seasons. It is important to always take proper medication and health procedures.


There are more common diseases that happen in this winter season. They include cough, winter allergies, Raynaud's Disease, and so much more.


There are several immune-boosting products you can find in the market. It is important that you know the right one to obtain. One of the most effective health products is KP Town's Umeken Multi Vitamin. It contains the essential multivitamins that your body needs, evenly blended to provide nutrients, thus, strengthening your immunity.


Aside from natural healing approaches, you can try Immune Booster Powder: Vitamin C, D, Zinc, Elderberry Complex by Envy Nutrition. Since this immune booster is in powder form, you can simply and easily turn this and blend it with your juices, smoothies, and so much more. It contains elderberry, scientifically proven to support your immunity.


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