Exercises You Can Do At Home This Winter Season

The winter season is here. It is the bulking season; should you allow yourself to stay behind? Korea Portal is sharing with you the exercises you can do at home during the season. There will also be details on the products you can have with your fitness programs. 


Lying Leg Lifts

To do this effective exercise, lie on your back, be sure that it is flat on the ground and keep your legs straight out, with the arms at the side and your palms facing down. Gradually raise your legs perpendicular to the mat, ground, or floor. Then, hold at the top for a second prior to lowering your legs and hovering slightly above the floor. Repeat this for a minute, then rest for 30 seconds. 



The plank seems very simple when you look at the illustrations, but it requires a lot of your body mass to work out. This is one of the best home exercises you can do.

Start with your low plank, with your forearms on the floor, keeping a straight line from your head through your hips and toward the toes. Be sure you engage your abdominals and draw the navel toward the spine. Hold this for 30 seconds, and rest.


Jump Rope

The jump rope is one of the best at-home workouts you can do. Not only it burns your calories, but it also increases your bone density and gives your cognition a workout. 


While these workouts, you can also have KP Town's amazing products for enjoying more of the advantages. One of the best you can have is the Red Ginseng Tea Gold that combats fatigue, especially after intensive training. 


You can also have the Pure Label Nutrition-Maximum Strength L-Arginine that does build not only muscle and strength but also supports recovery. 


The cold season must not be your excuse to just lay around the couch, munch on the Christmas snacks and dinner, and forget about your fitness. Now is the time to get started with your body transformation.


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