Botalab Chose Taehee Kim as Their Brand Model

On July 1st, the premium personal brand 'Botalab' chose 'Taehee Kim' as their brand model.

They said Taehee Kim has proven her performance and presence in dramas such as "Hi-bye" and "Mama" after 5 years of gap.

Botalab stated that the elegant and quality image of Taehee Kim who has both intelligence and beauty was positioned as a beautiful actress representing Asia beyond South Korea.

Botalab Deserticola Hair Care Set 

Botalab is a brand released last June in contract with the Korean Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology.

The spokesman said, "We wish to become a brand with an exclusive technology and ingredient development that can approach those who experience the early hair loss." They plan to actively promote both online and offline from July 1st.

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