Workout Programs At Home Kids Can Also Do

The COVID-19 pandemic continues, and with over 96 million cases worldwide, there are more reasons why parents should keep their children at home. However, they should also not compromise, giving them the best of health. 


One of those you can do is to lead them in their workouts. If you have been used to allowing them to play outdoors with their friends where they could also exercise, this might not be the time to allow them outdoors. That is why there are home workouts parents can do together with their children to keep them fit despite the challenging times. Prepare your exercise gear, such as the silicone ring, and let's get started.


Best workouts with children at home


Mountain climbers 

Do this workout by getting into the push-up position and bringing the knee close to the elbow. Do a similar routine with crisscross and side connections. Be sure to move fast. 


Bear crawls

Kids love this workout because it is not just simple to do but very effective. Lay the palms and feet on the floor, arch the back as in a bear, and race your kids around the room. You can even add sounds by mimicking the roaring of the animals. 


Star jumps

Children also like star jumps because of how it works out their legs and arms. Begin by standing tall and jumping into the air, so you look like a large "X" in the air. You can add spoken words at the height of the jump.



Such a workout is very easy to do at home. Teach your kids the proper position, such as getting their hands in line with their pectorals, so the lower portion of the body is not arced in the air. Guide them through the workout, so they do not feel too much pain right after.



You can use the sofa or the coffee table for the sit-up workout. Watch over your kids, so you ensure they are doing the right workout position. 


With these, you can also provide them with the nutrition they need, whether it is their food or supplementation. Products with chlorella are advisable for the kids, as it is also advertised widely. You can let them try KP Town's Kiseido Chlorella that will increase and improve their immunity, reduce weight, and prevent malnutrition.


Moreover, you can also have them take OLLY Kids Multi + Probiotic, a product blending Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, Zinc, and so much more.



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