4 Best Sweat-proof Foundations for the Summer

Warm weather is approaching and keeping your make-up on will become an even harder task. Foundations may be the part in your make-up that suffers the most with sweat, and more beads of sweat in humid or dry, summer weather.

Thankfully, there are foundation formulas ready to combat the worst of summer’s weather conditions. Save this list for your beach days or hottest summer nights.

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation

If you’re looking for long-lasting coverage, Mac’s waterproof foundation is a great place to start. The liquid foundation boasts 36-hour coverage with looking cakey. The foundation can be used all over the face as a foundation or under the eyes as a concealer.

Dior’s BACKSTAGE Face & Body Foundation

BACKSTAGE comes in a wide rang of shades for various skin tones and gives a sweat-resistant matte finish for those consistently under the sun. This foundation is waterproof and buildable for the desired coverage.

NYX’s Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation

NYX Professional Makeup offers a full coverage, 24 hour wear for about $15. The foundation can be paired with the line’s concealer for more coverage and wear.

Double Wear Light Soft Matte Hydra Makeup

Estee Lauder offers a lightweight and waterproof option with its soft matte liquid foundation. The foundation is non-drying, oil-free, and oil-controlling. It offers 24-hours of wear and is described as having a “life-proof” formula.

Whichever you choose, be sure to consider the long-wear durability and how it will respond to moisture. These foundations will be sure to stay on no matter the heat from the sunny days to come. 

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